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German Lifeboat

9.5 meter class of the DGzRS

with high-quality headlights in LED technology and real flashing blue light / sparkling light
upgraded functional model in 1:20 scale

Technical specifications


  • Length approx. 470 mm

  • Width about 190 mm

  • Overall height approx. 340 mm

  • Weight about 1.5 kg

  • Scale approx. 1:20

Equipment options

  • Optimized model!

  • lighting

  • Operation at 7.4 V with LiPo

  • Fenders with real straps

  • 2 extra long fenders

  • Several fans on the deck house,
    supplemented according to the template

  • Protection net rolled up

  • 2 life jackets, painted

  • Textile flags instead of decorations

  • SAR lettering plotted

  • various ropes

  • and more...

On request including RC system and brushless / LiPo drive for more driving fun and long runtime!



We completed the DGzRS '9.5-meter lifeboat based on a Graupner kit.
Instead of the red color that appears on the kit, the paint was naturally painted in RAL3024 fluorescent red.

Instead of the bright orange decorations for the SAR lettering, plotted logos are used in the correct color.
In addition, we did not paint the circumferential fender in red, but in the original color, and again did not use the decorations included in the daylight orange with the kit, but after a few tries attached "real" straps in silver or white aluminum.

We are almost a little proud of the final optical result, despite the fact that we largely do not use etched and other upgrade parts.

Sometimes you just have to take a closer look in the workshop and let your imagination run wild! Then you will also find the suitable materials for such replicas.

The model was then refined in the finish with ropes, other long fenders, painted life jackets, rigging and a protective net wound above the bulkhead.



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