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exclusive retro-style motor yacht

Functional model with a scale of 1:20

Technical specifications


  • Length about 925 mm

  • Width about 250 mm

  • Overall height approx. 500 mm

  • Weight approx.4.6 kg

  • 2 machines

  • Scale approx. 1:20


  • Complete nautical lighting and stair lighting of the bathing platform using LED technology

  • indirect table lighting and radar function

  • numerous stained and elaborately painted wooden parts

Equipment options

  • 2-propeller drive

  • 2 x brush or brushless motor

  • 2-leaf steering gear

  • complete RC system

  • Radar device rotatable

  • nautical position lighting with LED technology

  • advanced fittings

  • Thrusters

  • dynamic water cooling (for brush motors)

  • 3-blade brass propeller

  • Nickel-plated portholes

  • indirect lighting of the seating groups

  • LED lighting of the stairs

  • LED underwater lights

  • sound module

  • and much more...



"The model of the JULES VERNE was created in collaboration with the Dutch yacht designer Rene van der Velden.

This "retro design" motor yacht corresponds in shape and color to the typical mahogany wooden yachts of the 1930s and 1940s. At the JULES VERNE built in 1998, the design elements of the earlier yachts were optimally combined with those of the modern ones.

The result is one of the most elegant yachts in »retro design«. Since wooden hulls are no longer produced for cost reasons, the hull at JULES VERNE was made of aluminum and painted in mahogany brown.
With the two 660 hp drive motors, the yacht reaches a speed of approx. 26 kn.

The model of the JULES VERNE was developed according to the original documents of the designer in 1:20 scale. Since certain manual skills and experience in ship model building are required, the model is only recommended for experienced model builders.
All rounded parts are made of deep-drawn ABS and the hard-to-machine parts such as the fuselage, rear steps, deck and superstructure are already CNC machined (milled out). The wooden parts are pre-cut and thus shorten the construction time.

The hardware components are made of injection molded plastic, such as windshield wipers, fans, lamps and radar equipment
etc. already included. The lamp housings in the fitting set can be easily illuminated by means of miniature incandescent lamps Ø 2.4 mm. "

(Extract from the original description of the Graupner kit)

Our variant of the JULES VERNE can also be equipped with a variety of optional additional equipment and thus to an exclusive model, which ultimately is always unique!

In particular, the driving operation on double supply voltage (in connection with a water cooling), complete nautical and additional switchable lighting, a rotatable radar device, a fully functional bow thruster with separate speed controller, elegant and extremely effective 3-blade brass propeller from Raboesch, in brass held portholes by Marinetic or underwater LED lighting mentioned.

After currently about 9 months of construction (depending on the desired expansion stage) in our model yard, you will also receive a cleanly built and painted, functional model with all the desired functions and components, tested and tested.
However, the different equipment variants and possible expansion stages usually make individual advice inevitable as part of this offer.





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