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DGzRS rescue cruiser of the former 26-meter class

upgraded ARTR
including daughter boat VEGESACK
in 1:22 scale

Technical specifications

  • Length approx. 1215 mm

  • Width about 254 mm

  • Weight approx.8.5 kg

  • Scale approx. 1:22


  • Optimized model of the Graupner PREMIUM Line

  • Lower daughter boat and optionally resume!

  • tailgate function

  • rotating radar

  • 3 x searchlights

  • position lights

  • Deck & work lighting

  • Foghorn / sound module

  • Daughter boat also illuminated

  • Foghorn in the daughter boat

  • 3 separate controllers, therefore all 3 machines can be controlled separately

  • 3-blade brass propeller

  • new stainless steel shafts

  • and more...



We equip the ARTR model of the ADOLPH BERMPOHL distress cruiser from the Graupner PREMIUM Line with the necessary RC components, just like the somewhat smaller THEODOR HEUSS model, and together with retrofitted lighting including cabin lighting and searchlights retrofitted with LEDs, a sound module and extended fittings as well as an optional functional daughter boat lift a real RTR from this very beautiful classic!

The daughter boat VEGESACK is very spacious and so we also offer the daughter boat with complete lighting including a functional searchlight and an optional fog horn or small sound module.
Different variants are also possible and can be implemented on request! Just speak to us!

On request including RC system & mobile daughter boat, LED lighting, multifunction sound and switching module.



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