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German Coast Guard patrol boat

Detailed, high-quality 1:25 scale multifunctional model

Technical specifications


  • Length about 1200 mm

  • Width about 260 mm

  • Overall height approx. 610 mm

  • Weight about 6 kg

  • 2 machines

  • Scale approx. 1:25

Equipment options

  • 2-propeller drive

  • 2 x Power 755/40

  • Operation on 14.8 V LiPo

  • 2-leaf steering gear

  • 4-blade brass propeller

  • nautical position lighting

  • complete RC system

  • Radar device rotatable

  • Thrusters

  • working crane

  • self-propelled dinghy!

  • SEEMATZ-Searchlight

  • sound module

  • complete cabin expansion

  • Windlass functional

  • and much more...


  • including RC-capable dinghy / RIB rigid inflatable boat

  • Removable and resumable using a 4-motor (4 axis) controllable crane



To the original (description of robbe):
In April 2009, the Schleswig-Holstein water police was handed over the largest and most modern police boat to date. The boat, named "Sylt", was built by the Fassmer shipyard in Berne on the Weser and is the second of four boats to renew the police fleet.
The area of the 34 meter long "Sylt" extends from the Danish border to the mouth of the Elbe. In addition to the control tasks in this sea area, the fisheries supervision and the support of the police on the North Sea islands. With a top speed of 26 knots (almost 50 kilometers per hour), the "Sylt" is the strongest and fastest boat in the police fleet.

The model (text by robbe):
In our search for a suitable model for a new flagship in the robbe ship range, the choice fell on the "Sylt". In addition to its modern design, we were impressed by the multitude of options for special functions that make up a real robbe functional ship.
The impressive size of the model offers enough space for additional expansion options.
Sound and light functions, a remote-controlled crane, rotatable radar, functional windlass and many other special functions can be implemented by the builder of the "Sylt". The dinghy can also be optionally equipped with a drive and can be operated remotely.
Those who attach particular importance to high fidelity to the model can use the additional extension kit available
Equip the command bridge of the "Sylt" completely with a finely detailed control station, computer screens, map table and many other parts and thus receive an exact scale conversion of the original into the model.
(With the kind support and approval of Fassmer GmbH & Co. KG)

The project:

As soon as this kit appeared in the robbe new products catalog for 2011, it was immediately clear that this model absolutely had to be built.
So we ordered immediately and then received the first kit after more than a year of waiting, consisting of a kit, fitting set and drive set for the SYLT police boat.

Later on, we also included the elaborately detailed cabin kit at the customer's request.

At first glance, the kit is quite expensive and may have a "deterrent" effect on some interested parties. But now it has to be said that in my view the SYLT is a very high quality kit:
So the SYLT only needs very, very few deep-drawn parts (often called "yogurt cups" by model builders)! In addition to the certainly deep-drawn, but very clean hull, there is so far only the deck and the two half-shells for the dinghy. Otherwise, the kit is mostly made up of CNC-milled components. For example, the entire structure is created from milled parts!

Very nice.

Incidentally, the dinghy is also RC-capable!

The technical equipment was optimized with regard to the lighting options. Unfortunately, the standard searchlights from robbe, which are now getting on in years, are supplied in a set, which is not sufficient for our ideas of the finished model.

The original has a SEEMATZ on the roof of the deck house, which is painted together with the control box in sand yellow. The main headlamp is therefore clearly an optical core element of the SYLT and stands in great contradiction to the silver injection-molded headlamp from the modular system.








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