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Class 103B guided missile destroyer

of the German Federal Navy
Large model in scale approx. 1:50

Technical overhaul and maintenance for the recommissioning of this almost legendary RC model by Bernhard Kumbrink.

Technical specifications


  • Length 2.69 meters!

  • Width about 288 mm

  • Overall height approx. 950 mm

  • Total weight about 50 kg

  • 2x2 machines

  • divisible model for transport

  • Scale approx. 1:50


  • 2 Hectoperm motors mechanically in series per drive shaft

  • Machines can be controlled separately

  • Position lighting and

  • Combat lights switchable (6 groups)

  • Navigation radar rotatable

  • Airspace surveillance radar rotatable

  • Early warning radar rotatable

  • Airspace search radar rotatable

  • Fire control radar rotatable

  • Turrets rotatable

  • ASROC thrower can be rotated and tilted, fully functional, e.g. with 16 mm light ammunition

  • Missile starter can also be equipped

  • destroyer Irene

  • Antennas can be tilted

  • Fairy lights illuminated over the tops

  • separate sound module

  • Transmitting and receiving system in the UHF range



This ship model is a faithful replica of the former German guided missile destroyer D 185 LÜTJENS in a scale of 1:50 and has a length of 2.68 meters and a width of 28.8 cm! The height is 95 cm.

The original builder of this really huge model in all dimensions was Mr. Bernhard Kumbrink.

Since its official christening by the then Federal Navy in 1983, this model has achieved a high level of awareness at numerous events such as the Kiel Week among model builders and interested parties due to its size, variety of details and around 40 sometimes spectacular special functions.

The possible firing of real tracer ammunition is just as important as rotating radar devices, moving antennas, lighting, sound or rotating turrets.

The destroyer LÜTJENS has been in the cellar of the current owner on the North Sea island of Sylt for 3 years now, warm and dry, and was "overhauled" in 2011 to be repaired and put back into operation, so that it could be restored step by step.
Surprisingly, this affects almost exclusively the functions or special functions. Visually, the LÜTJENS, despite its almost proud age (based on the christening of 1983), is still in perfect condition, apart from minor injuries!

After completion and after everything worked again and some ammunition from the "New Year's Eve needs" could be organized, the model was delivered to the owner again in summer 2012.








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