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DGzRS rescue cruiser of the former 23 meter class

upgraded ARTR including daughter boat TEDJE
in 1:20 scale

Technical specifications


  • Length approx. 1160 mm

  • Width about 265 mm

  • Weight approx. 7.0 kg


  • Scale approx. 1:20


  • Optimized model of the Graupner PREMIUM Line

  • Lower daughter boat and optionally resume!

  • tailgate function

  • rotating radar

  • 3 x searchlights

  • position lights

  • Deck & work lighting

  • Foghorn / sound module

  • Daughter boat also illuminated

  • Foghorn in the daughter boat

  • 3 separate controllers, therefore all 3
    machines can be controlled separately

  • 3-blade brass propeller

  • new stainless steel shafts

  • and more...



We have equipped the ARTR model of the THEODOR HEUSS rescue cruiser from the Graupner PREMIUM Line with the necessary RC components and installed it ready for use as a "Ready to run" model.

On the basis of available photos and after quite extensive research, we partially converted the THEODOR HEUSS, provided it with lighting and a rotatable radar as well as numerous details such as a tarpaulin cover on the starboard and port side, hose fenders, rail clasps, diving and climbing nets and a Jacob's ladder designed, which we have largely manufactured by hand.

The RTR model of THEODOR HEUSS is designed as a driving model! This means that the daughter boat TEDJE can, like the original model of the Graupner Premium Line, be lowered into the water and driven independently (also with switchable lighting!).
But it cannot be slipped on again! If you want this function to be fully functional, this is of course also possible.

Different variants are also possible and can be implemented on request! Just ask us!

The retrofittable daughter boat lift

It should only be mentioned here in advance that the function for resuming the daughter boat is partly a construction of its own, in some cases using the robbe BERLIN elevator and the Graupner BERNHARD GRUBEN sled system. We took over the sail winch from the sled system. However, the basic principle here is still the good old winch principle!

There are two reasons for this:
On the one hand, we did not want to have to cut the glued rear tub out of the GRP fuselage in order to be able to install a sled system with a lot of effort and then certainly several necessary cosmetic repairs on the fuselage.
I also like the sled system for a rescue cruiser, which was originally from 1958 to
Was used in 1985, but a bit too modern!
It is nice with the solution, however, that the fragile and space-consuming control cable mechanism with the microswitches and the elastic band along with the complete relay reversing module can no longer be used here, since the sail winch used can be precisely adjusted.

With a current 2.4 Ghz computer system, the necessary adjustment work is even easier!

On request, of course, including an RC system & mobile daughter boat, LED lighting, multi-function sound and switching module.






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