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"Feuerlöschboot 2" - standard variant

Fun and functional model
in GFK or ABS construction and great fun potential thanks to powerful fire monitors
in the scale approx. 1:25

Technical specifications


  • Length approx. 1170 mm

  • Width about 250 mm

  • Overall height approx. 500 mm

  • Weight approx.9.0 kg

  • 2 machines

  • 4-blade rudder

  • Scale approx. 1:25

Equipment options

  • 3 separate controllable fire monitors

  • 3 separate water pumps, also separately and steplessly operated.

  • LED searchlight

  • position lights

  • Lights can be switched separately

  • Radar device rotatable

  • Deck lighting LED

  • LED blue lights and several additional ultra-bright LED strobes

  • 3-blade brass propeller

  • plotted lettering

  • sound module

  • and much more...



The DÜSSELDORF model can be a real fun model!

The "Feuerlöschboot 2", which was later only called the DÜSSELDORF, is built ready for use by us with numerous special functions and complex lighting.

All three extinguishing monitors are designed to be rotatable separately and each receive their own water pump with stepless speed controller as a special "upgrade" in terms of performance and range.
The water pipes are additionally secured and sealed with transparent epoxy so that the water runs out under the relatively high pressure where it should not.
At full power, the DÜSSELDORF can only be moved without using the drive with the three fire monitors with a total output of almost 2.7 liters per minute!

By using a programmed mixer, the drive can of course also be switched to opposite directions of rotation, so that the model can then be turned on the spot without using a cross-jet or cross-flow rudder.

We have retrofitted a complete lighting system including searchlights and also installed an LED deck lighting, which comes into its own just as nicely during lighting trips as the ultra-bright additional LED blue light on the side walls of the cabin, which alternates with the "normal" LED Sparkle light (blue light) flashes on the mast and can be reprogrammed at any time in cycle and flash sequence.

Thanks to the use of a programmable power supply (UBEC) for the lighting functions, all LEDs remain constantly bright even when the battery voltage drops, regardless of whether you are driving a traditional lead gel battery or using modern LiPo technology, for example.

If you are interested, just contact us! We would be happy to convert the model for you and also take on the complete technical upgrade!








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