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DGzRS rescue cruiser of the 23.1 meter class

fast & impressive functional model in 1:20 scale
improved component equipment
CNC-milled, stable newly developed structure
completely assembled and painted.

Technical specifications


mother ship:

  • Length approx. 1160 mm

  • Width about 300 mm

  • Overall height approx. 640 mm

  • Weight approx.10.0 kg

daughter boat:

  • Length approx. 325 mm

  • Width about 165 mm

  • Weight approx. 495 g

  • Scale approx. 1:20

Equipment options

  • Optimized model including daughter boat JOHANN FIDI

  • Set daughter boat down and pick it up again

  • tailgate function

  • Fire extinguisher monitor, rotatable

  • infinitely controllable water pump

  • SEEMATZ searchlight

  • 2 x VIRGO LED searchlights

  • AQUA SIGNAL Floodlight

  • Illumination can be switched separately, completely in LED technology

  • 2 radars rotatable

  • Continuously controllable lateral thruster

  • LED sparkling light blue

  • Multifunction and sound module

  • Daughter boat with several bright LED searchlights

  • Drive motors of the 700 series or modern brushless drive

  • no gears on the drive! (Direct drive)

  • 4-blade brass propeller

  • plotted lettering and decals

  • completely reworked deckhouse made of stable CNC-milled polystyrene

  • GFK hull on request

  • new deck lights

  • and much more...



We offer the model of the rescue cruiser BERNHARD GRUBEN and its sister ships, completely assembled in our workshop and by hand, as well as the separate daughter boat as flexibly expandable basic models, so that you as a customer can choose the optional extensions and numerous upgrade options for these very beautiful models.
In this way, we achieve the highest possible level of individuality during construction - despite its origin in mass production, each model becomes a one-off! - and at the same time remain extremely flexible in terms of technical equipment!
Furthermore, the new base price for the model is significantly lower than that of the previous "concept model" and thus allows interested parties a much greater financial scope for special requests and optional extras!

The models of the BERNHARD GRUBEN and the daughter boat JOHANN FIDI are based on the construction sets from Graupner and have since undergone several improvements.
On request, the new base model can be equipped with 700-size electric motors instead of the originally planned 600-series. Of course, operation with modern brushless motors is also possible!
In addition, we of course also optionally install high-quality ball-bearing servos with metal or carbonite gears or servos according to your wishes.
In addition, a powerful transverse thruster can optionally be installed.

We offer a wide range of additional equipment for anyone interested in a model that is currently equipped with all possible additional equipment, such as etched parts, plotted lettering, perfect searchlights such as VIRGO and / or SEEMATZ, CNC-machined components, a complete RC system and much more.

After construction, you will receive a cleanly painted, functional model with all the functions and components you want, tested and, of course, test-driven.

On request including RC system & mobile daughter boat JOHANN FIDI, brushless drives, lighting, numerous LED headlights, fire extinguishing function (rotatable), bow thruster,
Multifunction sound and switching module and much more.








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