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DGzRS rescue cruiser of the 20 meter class

Function model in 1:20 scale
improved component equipment
GRP hull
completely assembled and painted.

Technical specifications


mother ship:

  • Length approx. 994 mm

  • Width about 252 mm

  • Weight approx.8.0 kg

daughter boat:

  • Length approx mm

  • Height approx. mm

  • Weight approx. g

  • Scale approx. 1:20

Equipment options

  • ready-to-run mother ship

  • Radar device rotatable

  • new tailgate mechanism

  • revised rudder linkage

  • Conversion to drive with powerful brushless motor 790KV, new shaft system and brass propeller

  • LiPo equipment

  • complete LED lighting

  • operational transverse thruster

  • CNC machined assemblies

  • advanced fittings

  • plotted lettering

  • Decals

  • complete RC system

  • deck lighting

  • LED ceiling spotlight

  • searchlight

  • Daughter boat lift

  • sound module

  • Daughter boat ready to go

  • Fire fighting monitor

  • and much more...



This model is once again based on a Graupner kit, namely the 1:20 scale EISWETTE with a body made of GRP and CNC-milled superstructures.

I designed the EISWETTE as a model with a brushless drive from the start and have already tested it extensively. For this purpose, the drive module included in the kit was slightly modified and moved further towards the rear. I have installed a new and somewhat shorter shaft system and, based on the construction plans of the DGzRS and some original photographs, have also attached a suitable 5-blade brass propeller.
A compact Raboesch transverse thruster serves as a powerful bow thruster.

I paid particular attention to the tailgate function. Instead of the intended closing function using a cord (the tailgate is then opened by pure "gravity"), I have - without opening the fuselage - resin-molded Bowden pull tubes, through which steel wire reinforced nylon tube is then passed and then fastened movably to the tailgate. This relatively robust mechanism is then operated and controlled by two digital servos connected in parallel, which were attached to the drive module.

This concept may seem familiar to one or the other from BERNHARD GRUBEN and it works very well.
The entire model was equipped exclusively with LED technology for the lighting.

In addition to special LEDs, among other things, for the lighting of the lattice mast, interior lighting is also used.
In this context, I also expanded and painted the cabin and the operator's station, and provided some fittings and map plotters with foils and backlighting.
I also converted and illuminated the searchlights myself. In addition, two additional LED spots were embedded in the bulwark!

As always, everything is controlled by the sound and switching module USM RC-2 from Beier including bass speakers and now also with a large constant current source in the deckhouse.
At the customer's request, I then used a combined bilge pump with cooling water outlet simulation for the first time to match the appropriate parking noise. The aim was to be able to pump some air through a side outlet in the rear area at the same time through a slow-running pump next to the sucked-in water (through a separate nozzle): this creates a very nice visual effect!
And should there ever be water in the fuselage, this is immediately transported out again by this installation.

That the original EISWETTE unfortunately does not have a stationary and rotatable fire monitor, but only a small mobile monitor is available and this is not intended for the model in its basic configuration, I quickly designed and soldered a jet pipe in the workshop based on a photo. However, without the tightly bent pipe elbow at the connection.
A powerful extinguishing function is then implemented using a discretely laid water supply and a second compact pump in the fuselage. (The rescue worker behind the superstructure also holds a connected jet pipe in his hands in the model shown. This has no function. The rescue worker himself, on the other hand, is held below deck and by means of neodymium magnets inserted in the foot and can be easily moved.

The daughter or better work boat (RIB) is completely rebuilt for a fully roadworthy version separately from a kit specially made for this purpose and equipped with a miniature jet drive.

Numerous decals and plotted films from our own production further enhance the look of this ship model.

A suitable sled system for the resumption of the daughter boat is also available.

The EISWETTE or its sister ships PIDDER LÜNG, EUGEN or THEODOR STORM can be ordered as a complete model from us in the ship model manufacturer.
On request including RC system and mobile daughter boat / RIB rigid inflatable boat NOVIZE, brushless drive, LiPo batteries, LED headlights, extinguishing function, bow thruster, multifunction sound and switching module and much more.








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