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DGzRS rescue cruiser of the 36.5 meter class

Function model in 1:25 scale
including daughter boat NOTARIUS
GRP version with a length of more than 1.40 meters!
completely assembled and painted.

Technical specifications


mother ship:

  • Length approx. 1440 mm

  • Width about 325 mm

  • Overall height approx. 821 mm

  • Weight about 22 kg

daughter boat:

  • Length approx mm

  • Height approx. mm

  • Weight approx. g

  • Scale approx. 1:25

Equipment options

  • Optimized model!

  • 2 radars rotatable

  • further developed tailgate mechanism

  • new rudder linkage

  • Conversion to drive with 3 powerful brushless motors, new shaft systems and original brass propellers

  • 3 machines - separately controllable

  • LiPo equipment

  • Position lighting

  • ready or completely new thruster

  • CNC machined assemblies

  • extended fittings for daughter boat & mother ship

  • plotted lettering and decals

  • complete RC system

  • Deck lighting and deck spotlights as well as all other lighting, of course, using LED technology

  • 3 x WISKA searchlights

  • Daughter boat lift working

  • Multifunction switching & sound module

  • Daughter boat ready to go incl. Jet propulsion and extensive lighting!

  • functioning rotating fire monitor

  • indirect interior lighting

  • illuminated control stands
    and much more...



For sea cruiser enthusiasts!

From now on with a high-torque brushless drive with a total of up to 2.5 KW power, daughter boat lift, revised rudder and tailgate linkage, radar and bow thruster, extended lighting, functional fire extinguisher monitor, daughter boat with jet drive and much more!

We have completely revised our concept for the model of the sea cruiser HARRO KOEBKE in 1:25 scale with a length of around 1.44 meters and put together a complete package including all relevant functions and the supplied remote controls (2.4 GHz), which leave almost nothing to be desired probably!
Of course, we will continue to offer an optionally upgradeable basic model.
The decisive feature, however, is that the most important hull conversions, such as a removable stern hull or a removable aft deck, a new linkage for the rudder system and tailgate operation, as well as a complete drive conversion with 3 powerful and high-torque brushless motors, new shafts and matching brass propellers are now available for all variants including speed controllers and batteries are now included if you wish.

In the meantime, the workshop has not only created the well-known conversion based on the finished model previously available from Graupner.
After almost 3 years of total construction time, the first further developed proty-type of a HARRO KOEBKE completely built from a kit will finally leave the shipyard shortly.
Last but not least, the long construction time is also due to the diverse in-house developments and optimizations of the base material from the kit.

For example, several interior lights were worked out, which are realized by means of indirect lighting with various LEDs in conjunction with corresponding background colors painted on masks.
In addition, as with the original, the area under the work deck was generously illuminated with "fluorescent tubes" (in LED version). New handcrafted deck lights made of brass with a 3mm LED encased in a wire basket as well as other fluorescent tubes based on SMD LEDs with light guides and reflector foils also contribute to a strong appearance of HARRO KOEBKE, even at night, as they are designed with great attention to detail.

In the mother ship alone, there are now 120 LEDs installed and in the comparatively small daughter boat NOTARIUS, there are another 15 LEDs due to several spots, blue lights, floodlights and even indirect deck lighting in the aft area!
It looks impressive and so there are now several small series models of HARRO KOEBKE under construction, which are already eagerly awaited.

I will add a full report as soon as the test drive has taken place. In the future, the blog directly from the workshop will also provide plenty of information.








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